• Excellent cow comfort

    • Increased lying time and reduction in common stall injuries

  • Extend life of current bedding

    • Use as base to absorb moisture and keep top dressing clean and dry or mix with chopped straw or stalks

    • Works well mixed with sawdust for young stock

  • Treatment for digested or separated solids

    • Higher lime to paper ratios can be utilized by dairies on digested or separated solids to regulate bacteria growth

  • Improve or maintain somatic cell counts

  • Keep alleys and gutters drier

    • Absorbent nature of product dries manure without stopping up manure removal systems

  • Easy manure management

    • Product will stay suspended without agitation

    • Avoid manure hauling surcharges

  • Reduce costly wear and tear to equipment

    • Non-abrasive product will not erode equipment