Bedding Info

Our Product


Our bedding is made by mixing the byproduct of two local manufacturers.  We combine the short fibers from recycled waste paper, previously sent to the landfill, with the dust from coal-fired dolomitic lime kilns.  While the paper byproduct is relatively high in moisture, adding the high pH lime kiln dust acts as both a drying and bacteria killing agent.  Our bedding provides a cost-effective alternative to sawdust or straw and stalks.  Cow comfort is similar to, if not preferred over, sand.


Bedding Life

 - Useful life increased by raking down hills and removing waste from backs of stalls
- One load of bedding can support approximately 300 cows on mats for 7 to 10 days

Bedding Management


- Indoor or covered storage highly recommended
- Minimal retrofitting necessary to use product
- Can be used in bedding shooters
- Footprint similar to 2.5 quad loads of sand